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Bill's Open Pit BBQ is owned and operated by Bill Hertzog. Following in his parents footsteps, Bill always had a desire to work and play in the food industry. There was one problem with that as far as a profession, Bill was born with a neuro muscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Bill's type of SMA causes muscle weakness and ultimately the need for a power wheelchair.

Given the SMA disability, the “work” part of his desire was placed on hold and Bill became an accountant in the not for profit industry. After 15 years in that industry, Bill opened up his own tax preparation and notary services business. Bill then sold off both divisions of the business to pursue his desire to “work” in the food industry.

Bill took his knowledge from growing up in the food business along with what he learned in the “play” time, and "Bill's Open Pit BBQ” was born. The business has grown from attending a few select events per year, including the Allentown Fair and Kutztown Folk Festival, to expanding to catering, fundraising and most recently producing premium beef jerky!

At Bill's Open Pit BBQ, we strive to provide our customers with a high quality food experience. Our BBQ is smoked the old fashioned way, low and slow, utilizing only premium hardwoods.   

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7890 Lancaster Avenue, Myerstown, PA


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